Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Morgan Creek segment of the CT

Today's hike was at Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness checking out the new segment of Cumberland trail going to Morgan Creek. We hiked to the new Morgan Creek bridge and then a little further to see the mines. This segment, when completed will go to Hwy 30. Our excitement today was seeing a Mink carrying it's baby up the creek towards us.


Saturday, May 27, 2023

Stone Door TTA

Tony Jones led us on a wonderful hike at Stone Door. We went to the door which included an up and down the stairs, then off to Alum Gap campground for lunch. From there we took Laurel trail back to the Ranger station and did the Laurel Falls loop trail. 


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Dayton Canoe trip


Lora and I did a canoe trip in Dayton around the park area. We saw lots of wildlife and wildflowers. We didn't get all the turtles, cyote, and birds on film. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Devils Breakfast Table TTA


Deb led a great hike on the CT today. 16 hikers started, the short hike folks turned back before the first overlook. We started at the bridge where the Devils Breakfast Table is on Daddy's Creek. The bridge is closed to vehicle traffic, support under the bridge looks like its crumbling and a couple boards are missing.  The trail is mostly on the bluff overlooking the creek, with spur trails to gorgeous overlooks of the creek gorge. We walked along beside and between huge boulders, walked under a huge rockhouse. Had lunch at one of the overlooks enjoying the beautiful view. Saw a newt and box turtle and just a few wildflowers. 7.6 miles not counting the spur trails. 


Saturday, May 13, 2023

Hendersonville NC with TTA

We attended the TTA Spring gathering in Hendersonville NC. We had a great time with wonderful friends. We left Tuesday and stayed at the Red Gates Tent and RV park with the trailer. The TTA was staying at the Kanuga Inn. 

Day one we had signed up for the long hike with Betsy. We went to the Dupont State Recreational Forest and hiked the Five Falls Loop 11.2 miles. We saw the Winter Green, Grassy Creek, High, Triple, and Hooker Falls. After the hike we met the other hikers and had dinner at Haus Heidelberg German Restaurant in Hendersonville. 

Day two we had signed up for the moderate hike with Tom. Cat Gap to John Rock trail 5.6 miles. A beautiful hike along the Davidson river and up the mountain to the John Rock amazing overlook. Afterwards we visited Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Falls.

Day three we had signed up for the long hike with Betsy. We went to Gorges State Park and hiked to Rainbow and Turtleback falls. We watched the crazy locals slide down Turtleback. After that hike we took the short hike to Upper Bearwallow falls. After that we headed south to the Upper Whitewater falls. On the way back to the camper we stopped and checked out Toxaway Falls along Hwy 64.


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Moccasin Creek Segment CT


Today we checked out the new Moccasin Creek segment of the Cumberland Trial. We parked at the Moccasin creek bridge on Pine Creek Road. You walk back up the road a hundred yards on the East side of the creek to start the trail. It's three miles long right now. The rockwork that they did for the rocky areas were AMAZING. There is a nice camping area at the confluence of Moccasin Creek and Piney creek with a good swimming hole. On down the trail you climb up to a great view of the creek gorge. The trail ends as you drop back down into the gorge. 


Friday, May 5, 2023

Cumberland Trail Hwy 30 to overlook

We checked out the new segment of trail from Hwy 30 to the overlook of Morgan Creek Gulf. We parked by the guard rail on 30 and crossed over to the trail. I climbs up a bluff wall and then is pretty easy hiking all the way to the overlook of the Gulf. A little over a mile.


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Soak Creek TTA

Tammy's report:

 Soak Creek trail has a great diversity of sights to see. We started at the Piney River parking lot and climbed over the metal gate at the entrance of a rocky ATV road. No signage, just the gate indicating the start of the trail. We walked along the bluffs towering on one side of the path and the cascading creek on the other side. After walking about 1.5 miles, there was a gap in the bluffs and white blazes directing us to ascend the bluff. And that is the signature of the Soak Creek Trail- going up then down the mountain side countless times. But the wildflowers entertained us along the way. The trail also wandered over flat areas next to the tumbling creek where we saw yellow butterflies flying along up the creek. Seeing the sign for Stinging Fork Falls was indeed a relief. We scampered over the rocks to experience the falls. In awe, we sat in the amphitheater, watched the water crash over the rocky cliff and fall into the creek below to the thunder of its own making. A late lunch, a photo-op and finished the trail by hiking up the wooden steps for one final ascent out of the ravine to the Stinging Fork Falls parking lot. We had the whole trail to ourselves until we got to the top of the ravine, where we met hikers coming from the parking area to see the falls. The parking lot was full. 

7 miles and 1700 ft elevation change. 


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Frozen Head Campout TTA

Lora and I joined the TTA for a campout at Frozen Head SP. Nine of us camped out at the Flat Fork campground. After we set up camp Joe, Lora, and Myself hiked out to the Panther Creek trail and hiked to the Debord and Emory Falls. That evening around four we hiked as a group to the Judge Branch trailhead. We hiked Judge Branch to S. Old Mac to the Interpretive trail. 

Saturday we met with the Scenic City chapter at the Panther Creek trailhead. Seventeen of us hiked Pather Branch to North Old Mac to Lookout Tower trail to the tower. We returned on the S. Old Mac trail and hiked back to the campground. 

Sunday we packed up and drove to the Lily Bluff area of the Obed river and hiked the Lookout trail, the Point trail, and ate lunch at the parking lot. After lunch we hiked the Boulder trail.


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Sitton Gulch TTA

Scenic City hiked at Cloudland Canyon starting at Sitton Gulch. My first time on this trail. Started with 17 hikers. Some were only hiking to the lower waterfall. The rest of us led by Carl climbed to the top of the canyon stopping at all the waterfalls as we climbed up. The falls were beautiful and the views from the top were breathtaking. The Fringe trees were blooming on the ridgetop. We walked out to the overlooks then made our way back to the gulch. There were lots of pretty wildflowers along the way.