Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sequatchie Valley Institute

My hiking partner was on shift today so I visited the Sequatchie Valley Institute  They were having an open house and craft sale. They also offered hiking their trails. The Institute is all about sustainable living.

Got there around 11 and followed the host up the trail from the parking lot. It was a mile to the main house called Moonshadow. There are many other structures on the property. Built out of rocks, clay, straw and logs powered by the sun built by folks during workshops on sustainable living. I toured the grounds, checking out the organic gardens, greenhouse full of cacti, orchard, and the main house. The crafts were set up inside the main house. It is heated by solar and a fireplace. They collect rainwater too. There were lots of talented folks showing their crafts of wood, glass, paper, and more.

There are 400 acres belonging to the Institute. I walked back to my car, got my pack and hiking stick, got directions from the host and started up the ridge. I was heading for the rock house on the top of the ridge. They had it marked with ribbons so it was fairly easy to follow even with all the leaves on the ground. It was pretty steep climbing. When I reached the top i explored the rock house taking in the views of the Sequatchie Valley. Beautiful! Found another hiker at the top who had "found an alternate route up" (goat trail). We hiked down together, He agreed my route was easier.
It was a beautiful day to be in the woods and explore a really interesting place.