Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hendricks Creek - Dale Hollow

We went to Hendricks Creek Marina to start our overnight adventure.  We fell for the whole Resort thing and planned on eating lunch at the Marina.  No grill there, so we went back to the border for a hamburger at the Border Grill which is a gas station on Hwy 62 on the Kentucky side of the border.

After getting our food we headed back to Hendrick's Creek Marina.  You have to store your trailer on top of the hill and park your car at the bottom.  Never had to split the rig up before, so it took a little while to actually get on the water.

We made it to the first inlet before we ate our lunch.  From there we canoed all the inlets on the West side down to the main lake and then paddled West to Natty Branch and explored all of that river.  Then we headed back across Hendrick's Creek and further East to campsite #12, Anderson Point.  We put in 7.5 miles and crossed the border four times.

When we got to the campsite there was a houseboat just West of the camp and around to the East about five houseboats.  We thought it might be a noisy night, but we never heard anything from any of them.  After we set up camp and ate, we took a walk around the cove and out to the next point to the West for a view of the sunset.

We sat on a tree that was down while we waited on the sun to set.  After a little while a pontoon boat went by really slowly while checking us out.  A little while later she came back by and stopped.  She wanted to know if we were staying here and we told her where we were staying.  Her husband was behind her in a house boat and they wanted the spot.  So we met Mike and Terri.  After a visit and pics of the sunset, we headed back to camp.  We got a fire going and later went down to the water and laid on towels looking up at the wonderful star display.  Got to see some meteors and some satellites as well.  Some time in the night we heard owls talking to each other.

After breakfast the next morning we packed up camp and went exploring again.  This time we went East and explored all of Pusley Creek.  We got to see a few deer, a barred owl, and several other birds.  There is quite a selection of water craft out on the lake as well.  We stopped by to visit with Mike and Terri on the way back to Hendrick's Marina.  We got in 9.8 miles and crossed the border five times.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Tennessee River Canoe Trip

Lora and I did 7.7 miles on the Tennessee River after church.  We put in at the boat ramp on Armstrong road and paddled out to the main river.  We went South and canoed the first three sloughs on the West side of the river around the Green Pond Road area and Stonesage Road area.  It was a good day for canoeing with the water calm and hardly anyone on the river because of the rain chance.  We did get in one downpour which we got under a mans boat house for cover so it worked out well.  Birds, turtles, and fish were our wildlife.

When we got out of the water at the boat ramp the excitement began.   After we got off the lake and were securing the canoe, a red Dodge full size pickup came speeding into the boat ramp parking area and did a doughnut right next to us in the gravel.  We watched as he decided to do another doughnut while thinking great now what?  Well he sat in his truck a while and opened his rear window to look at us.  Lora got in the car as I finished up the rope work.  The man got out of his truck, walked to the back and peed while leaning against his truck.  He was saying something that I could not make out.  I'm thinking I need to call the law and I have nothing to defend myself with at this time as I am standing at the trailer in just a swim suit.  I finish with the ropes while keeping an eye on this guy.  I get in the car and tell Lora to go while I get my phone out.  

Well, we pull out on the road and head across the bridge and look back to see him swaying back across the road and turning our way.  We stop at the stop sign and see that he is picking up speed so we turn right onto Hixson Pike and got going.  The man turns and  follows us awhile swerving across both lanes.  He keeps picking up speed and there is no where to turn off or pull over.  Finally he rams us then backs off and there is a road to our right and we take it.  While we are turning he tries to ram us again, but pulls over in the passing lane heading straight into two oncoming cars.  We get over, the other cars swerve out of the way.  We stop and I get out while dialing 911.  The man turns left into a driveway and stops.  He backs up onto Hixson Pike and heads back our way.  I am talking to the dispatcher as he continues back up towards the bridge.

The cops stop by long enough to let us know he has hit three other cars and take off looking for him.  We saw four other cops speed by.  When the cops came back they told us that they were still trying to find him, but he did hit three others.  While we were filling out paperwork they said that they think they had him.

We did not get hurt and the canoe got buckled up a little. 


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewanee Perimeter Trail - TN Hiking Group

I met up with the Tennessee Hiking Group at Sewanee for an out and back hike on the Perimeter Trail. There were 17 hikers and 2 four legged hikers. Bob was our hike leader for the day. The view from the parking log on Greens View Road was beautiful, looking over the farmland valley below. The trail is well maintained and marked well. Mostly level with a couple of climbs. Since you start downhill from this trailhead, know it was out and back, we would finish the day with a climb. There are a few overlooks that would be great in the winter time. We stopped for lunch at the forestry cabin where I found passion flower in bloom; and then hiked to Dotson Point. This was our turnaround spot. Ended up with 12 miles of hiking.

I didn’t see any wildlife other than butterflies and centipedes.  This is a great trail, hope to hike the remainder of the Perimeter Trail someday. I think the hiking group plans to hike it soon. Check out their website


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Austin's Wedding

Lora and I went to Knoxville to attend my cousins wedding and spend special time with the family.  We went to the hotel where my Aunt's family was staying and did a lot of visiting before we headed over to the rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was great and then we headed over and stayed the night a Dad and Moms.

The next morning we knocked out a few projects for the folks, had a great lunch and then headed over to the wedding at Castleton Farms.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of food and dancing.  We had a great time.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Soddy Lake II

After church, Lora and I headed out to Soddy Lake.  It was another great day for being on the lake.  When we put in another couple said they were impressed with our rig.  We use a trailer for hauling our canoe and they had so much problem putting theirs on the top of their car.

We put in at the Armstrong Road bridge and canoed the slough across the way first and ate lunch there.  We watched a group of boys having fun on a rope swing for a while.  After we came back under Hixson Pike we canoed counterclockwise out to the big river and back.  Once again there were lots and lots of people out on the water.  We did 5.12 miles.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Soddy Lake I

Lora and I head out with the canoe to Soddy Lake.  It was a beautiful day to be out canoeing.  We put in at the park on Dayton Pike and canoed clockwise around the lake cutting across at the Armstrong Road bridge.  We did 9.1 miles.

There were lots and lots of people out on their boats today.  We did us some swimming to keep cool.  We got to see lots of birds and turtles.