Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cumberland Trail- Laural / Snow Segment

9 miles- Easy with some big climbs

Lora and I hiked this Segment of the Cumberland trail. It starts at the trailhead and follows Richland Creek along an old rail bed for the first mile and a half. On this section you after you cross the first two bridges you hike right past Richland mine. The trail eventually leaves Richland creek and turns into a footpath. You climb up and take a bridge over Laurel Creek. At this point you come to the split in the trail. To the right is the trail to Laurel Falls and to the left is the trail to Snow Falls.

We hiked to Snow Falls first. You pass a large flat campsite that is right on Richland Creek. After that you cross the 60-foot metal bridge over the creek. You then start the numerous switchbacks going out of the gorge. You will be able to see Laurel Falls as you climb.

After you leave the gorge, you follow the edge to Dunn Overlook, which gives you a wonderful view of the gorge, and Laurel Falls. You then head through the woods until you cross Morgan Creek, which you have to ford. Once across Morgan Creek and get your feeling back in your feet, you will hike through another campsite and around the bend to 35-foot Snow Falls. There is a trail that will take you to the bottom if you follow the old road. It will be off to your left. Lora and I ate lunch on a flat rock at the bottom of the falls.

After lunch we headed back. We did another old fashion foot washing in Morgan Creek, which yes, it does build character. When we got back to the split we climbed the numerous switchbacks to 80-foot Laurel Falls. There are many smaller falls under Laurel Falls. It’s all down hill after this if you head back to the trailhead.


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