Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meigs Creek Trail

Meigs Creek Trail....3.5 Miles
Meigs Mountain Trail...1.9 Miles
Curry Mountain Trail.3.3 Miles
Little River Road....2.0 Miles
Total................10.7 Miles

Lora and I headed to East Tennessee. Mom and Dad were working at the Townsend Fall Festival. We met up with them and Granny, Linda, and Rick at the Festival.

The next morning Lora and I headed out to hike Meigs Creek. It was a beautiful day for hiking as we enjoyed the creek and water falls. We stopped at a beautiful cascade to take some pictures. As we climbed down to the bottom, I pointed up to a wild turkey that was flying over the falls. I turned around to see Lora's expression and as usual she was looking down in the water for crawl fish. Oh well.

We stopped for a food break when we got up to Lumber Ridge Trail. As we ate we looked at the map and decided to extend our hike a little. We hiked up Meigs Mountain Trail past campsite 19 and on to Curry Mountain Trail. This whole area is a beautiful place to hike. We got a lot of wild flowers, color changes, grape vines, and mountain views. We even got to skate on acorns as this year there is an amazing amount of them on the trail.

If you ever hike down the side of the Little River Road, just be very careful as there is a lot more traffic than there is shoulder.


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