Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pickett State Park

The Upper Cumberland TTA chapter hosted a hike at Pickett State Park Saturday. I met up with Pokey Pete and friends at Clarkrange. We met everyone else at the Visitor Center and 13 of us took off onto the snow covered trails. Kathleen our hike leader led us down the Natural Bridge Trail. It was so pretty in the woods with the rhododendron snow covered along with everything else. After crossing the Natural Bridge we slid, skidded and slipped down the steps to get below the bridge to see the under side. It looks pink and with the beautiful sunshine all the icicles were shimmering. The sky was so blue.

We hiked the Hazard Cave Trail, Lake View Trail, then after some snowball tossing, we took a lunch break at one of the park’s lovely cabins. Thanks Kathleen for the shrimp mold and the yummy fudge! Then back to the trails.

We hiked the Island Trail, Lake Trail and decided to check out the Ladder Trail. First ladder, bottom 3 or 4 rungs iced over, 2nd ladder, icy all over. Here we go, oh wow look up! Huge icicles hanging overhead, and melting….don’t sneeze! Everyone made it safely and on we went across the ice and along the bluff. It was a beautiful day for hiking. Thanks again Kathleen! On the drive back toward home, the sun was setting and turning the sky glorious swirling colors. Another beautiful day spent hiking with good friends.


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  1. Love this place. Pickett and Big South Fork has to be one of our all time favorite places to hike.