Monday, February 14, 2011

Cedars Of Lebanon

Hidden Springs Trail 5.0
Limestone Sinks Trail 0.5
Dixon Merrit Trail 0.5

Day two of the weekend. We hiked Cedars of Lebanon State Park. We started with the Hidden Springs Trail. The weather had warmed up enough that we were hiking in mud as everything had thawed out. This trail goes through limestone glades in the cedar forest. There are Limestone sinks, caves, and rocky outcrops. The Hidden Springs were down in a cave that you can hear running down through the opening. This is a very popular trail and we saw many people out hiking and running.

The Limestone Sinks Trail is actually attached to the Hidden Springs Trail. A spur does go out to the road, but there is no sign showing a trail head. It is pretty much the same as the rest of the terrain.

The Dixon Merrit Trail is hidden behind the nature center by Hermit Cave. Hermit cave was explained to us a fenced in enclosure. When we found it, it fit the description. There is a fence around a wooden fence around the opening of the cave. Pretty much a hole in the ground. The Trail is more of the same.

We had a good day of hiking.


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