Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock Creek- Cumberland Trail

Lora and I hiked the Rock Creek section of the Cumberland trail. Our origanal plan of doing an overnighter in the Smoky Mountains got changed due to weather.

This section lies between the Possum Creek Section and the Laurel Snow Segment of the Cumberland Trail. It has 9.6 miles of through-trail and associated side trails near and in Rock Creek Gorge. This is the northern-most section in the Three Gorges Segment of the Cumberland Trail, which altogether contains 36.2 miles of trail.

We parked at the lower trailhead on Leggett Road and hiked the connector trail to the Cumberland trail. Then we hiked the Cumberland trail to Retro Hughes Road, took a break and hiked back to the Loop trail coming back out at the upper trailhead on Leggett Road. A total of 12.9 miles.

With all the rain we've had lately, the water falls and cascades were beautiful. There were alot of different wild flowers out as well.


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