Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dayton Paddling

Lora and I headed to Dayton after church to do some paddling.  We were going to eat at Point Park.  Lora opened up the trunk and asked where I put the cooler.  I looked in the back seat and realized that I didn't put the cooler anywhere.  I asked her where she put it.  So we went to Subway for lunch and then put the canoe in at Point Park.  We explored the area there and went up Richland Creek through Dayton until we were stopped by some water lines up three bridges.  We did see some Muskrats up this river.  Then we paddled back past the park and headed out to the main river.  We stopped a few times to cool off in the river.  We went past the Blue Water campground to cover all the area and then came back to it to swim.  There were two storms coming in so the race was on.  Dodging boats as we went, we made it back and got loaded up just before the rain started.


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