Monday, January 20, 2014

Obed Segment CT - Daddys Creek

Day One: 7.1
Day Two: 7.1
Total Miles: 14.2

Well we finally got a chance to go back to the Obed Segment of the Cumberland Trail to finish this segment. We started at Daddy's Creek or Devils Breakfast Table trailhead and headed East to camp at the same spot we camped a few years ago coming in from the other side.

When we got to the parking area, we found it full of kayakers which was surprising because it was so cold. We finally got some good documentation on miles between points at the Kiosk.  No maps have all the labels nor the miles written on them which we have been disappointed with.
The trail goes through the Daddys Creek Gorge along the bluff walls and then rises on top for some beautiful overlooks.  The rock formations are wonderful all through this hike.  You drop back down into the Obed Gorge and follow an old train rail bed along the river.  You go up Turkey Creek gorge where you find the beautiful Bills Falls at the second bridge.  The limbs are over grown in front of the falls and I had to get Lora to hold some down while I took a picture of the falls.  You continue along the Obed river and there is some flat areas that show no signs of camping that are marked "camp" on one map.  From there you climb back out of the gorge at Anvil Rock and continue along the edge of the gorge.  We stopped at a no name creek that we camped at before between the Obed Overlook and the Omigod Overlook at 7.1 miles.

Just as when we hiked the other side, you have to really look for the trail markers so you stay on the trail.  We removed numerous trees, branches, and broke limbs to clear the trail as we hiked.  This is a very beautiful trail that really needs hikers on it to keep it maintained.  There is a lot of chainsaw work and lopper work to be done.  I could not talk Lora into carrying either tool for some reason.  Just before we got to our camping spot we saw new trail markers.  Hopefully the other side has been cleared as well as marked since we hiked it.

We did have some slick areas where the icicles had been melting and refreezing on the ground.  On the way out we passed a couple that was day hiking.



  1. Hi Craig,
    Are the authorized campsites along the trail well marked or is there an online map that would label them. Also on your first Obed hike you mentioned the poor blazing and getting off trail has that significantly improved with your hike last month coming from the other direction?

  2. Unfortunately there are no good maps of this area. The only online maps are here

    The campsites are not marked and the one labeled on the map is not noticeable when you get there other than a flat spot. Alley Ford looks like a camping area on the Nemo end of the trail. Where we camped is just along a creek which is halfway across on the upper plateau section.

    We did not hike the Nemo end this time, but noticed that after we got on the plateau there were new markings which were not there last time. As far as better marked or cleared I cannot tell you about that side.