Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bandy Creek Hike

Day One: 10.4
Oscar Blevins Farm Loop 3.6
Collier Ridge Loop 1.5
West Entrance Trail 2.4
Katie Trail 1.0
John Litton Farm Loop 1.9

Day Two: 4.7
John Litton Farm Loop 3.7
Katie trail 1.0

Total Miles: 15.1

Lora and I headed up to Big South Fork.  We started at the Bandy Creek Trail head and went to the Oscar Blevins Farm.  We did the tour and then took the farm loop to the Collier Ridge Loop going towards the West Entrance.  We then took the West Entrance trail back to the Oscar Blevins Loop and back to the car to pick up the backpacks.  Very nice section of the park.  We even got to see some historic horses at the farm and one historic cat.

When we got our backpacks we hiked to the campground and took the John Litton Farm Loop to the Fall Branch Falls.  It was getting time to make camp and there was a campsite at the falls with a bench, fire ring, and a good stack of firewood.  Lora asked " should we camp here or hike a little farther?".  After a quick rap to the forehead she came to her senses and said this would be a good place to stay tonight.

Soon we had a fire going and camp set up.  We had the view of the water fall to eat our dinner by.  Three other backpackers came by, looking at us with envy, and continued down the trail.

After a wonderful evening we got up and had breakfast.  It was warm already this morning as we headed out to finish the loop and toured the farm.  We had planned to continue to the Jack's Ridge Loop when the rain changed our minds and we headed back to the car.

On the way back to the car I lost dear Lora in the mud.  Well, it looked that way when we hiked back looking for her hat that had fallen off and was laying in a big mud bog.

On the way home after hiking in the heat, we passed a brine truck spraying the roads.  What???


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