Saturday, June 7, 2014

TTA Roaring Creek

National Trails Day, lets go hiking!

I joined the Soddy Daisy group today led by Bob McGavock and his swing sickle. I met them at the Roaring Creek trailhead. We got an early start trying to beat the heat. 7 hikers and Violet the Great Dane. 

The humidity was waiting for us on the climb to the ridge top. The view from the bluff was beautiful as always. We found a few wildflowers and a few ticks along the way. Bob stayed behind at the meadow to do some trail clearing with his swing sickle. The trail was looking good; the Breakaway kids did a great job this year. Across the creek the trail had been cleared to get to the section that had built on that side. It continues for about a mile where you find the End Of Trail sign. You can see the flagging continues into the woods. Ready for more trail builders to come out and play. We headed back to the creek for lunch. George had some jelly biscuits that were really good. I think Violet thought so too. 

As we headed back toward the meadow, Bob was hiking to meet us. We walked back enjoying the overlook and the view into Cranmore Cove, and toward the distant mountains. You could see Watts Bar's towers, and the ones at Sequoia. We didn't see the goat, I haven't seen it yet. Maybe next trip. We did see two families hiking today as we hiked out. We wished them a Happy National Trails Day.
 When we got back to the parking lot, my thermometer read 87 degrees. We should have jumped in the creek!

Good hike with great people.


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