Saturday, January 10, 2015

TTA - Twin Forks Trail

Sara led our hike today.  We hiked along the Stones river on a horse trail that we learned was originally built by the TTA.  We had eight hikers who braved the cold on our hike today:  Roy Duncan, Chris King, Craig McBride, Sara Pollard, Scott Wieland, Wayne Yancey, David Zabriskie, and Jennifer Zahn.  This hike was part of the 20 mile Twins Forks Trail.  

We left vehicles at the East Fork Recreation Area.  We started our hike on Central Valley Road instead of Walter Hill Dam because of a serious stream crossing in that area.  We had beautiful views of the Stones River all along the way.  

An area of the trail was flooded and Sara refused to take her boots off and walk across it, so we were able cross the ankle deep water using a tree that had fallen over it.   The guys chose to walk across the fallen tree, but the ladies decided to sit down and “shimmy” across.   

We also did an extra 1.75 mile loop off the main trail for a total of about 9 miles for the day.  This was a good winter hike,  and  the weather turned out perfect!


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