Friday, April 17, 2015

Big Soddy Creek Gulf

Lora and I went back out to Jones Gap Road. There is a sign up now calling it Big Soddy Creek Gulf. There were lots of spring flowers out. This time we went behind the cabin and took the old road bed up the side of the Gulf. They have added some benches along the main roadbed and at the cabin. We used the cabin one for lunch.

This trail needs lots of maintenance and this was the time to take it, before it grows over for the summer. Once you get far enough up, there are some rock walls and an old foundation from the mining days. Past that you come to a water fall with an old walkway across the creek. We explored the other side of the creek and went down to the bottom of the fall. The actual road bed does not cross the creek, but goes straight up to the top of the mountain. Just as you start up off to your right is a vertical mine shaft and the foundation for the hoist. We went all the way to the top into someone's yard and then turned around and hiked back down. It was about a mile and a half hike, but all uphill one way.


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