Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sequoyah Newclear - TN River

Lora and I went to the Tennessee river today to canoe. We put in at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant boat ramp off Stonesage Road. This has turned into a four wheel drive road. It is in really bad condition. We were surprised to see another truck out there when we got to the ramp.

We put in and did both sloughs North and South of the ramp. We then headed South planning on reaching the Slough South of the Sequoyah plant. The wind was horrendous and for all the work we did, we never got past the plant. We made it to the power lines and then headed back. We got in a little more than five miles.

After that we drove down to see the next put in. We found a ramp at Dockside Drive and Hixson Pike and then at Chester Frost Park. Next trip down the river.


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  1. Check out Pinky's point, if you look just south of Chester Frost, you'll see it. County land...boat access, neat spot too