Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Father / Son Trip 2016

Day One: 7.8
Jakes Creek 0.4
Meigs Mt. 4.1
Curry Mt. 3.3
Day Two: 14.5
Forney Ridge 0.2
Bypass 0.5
AT 2.2
Goshen Prong 7.6
Little River 1.3
Cucumber Gap 2.4
Jakes Creek 0.3
Day Three: 7.8
Sugarland Mt. 3
Husky Gap 2.1
Little River 2.7
Total Miles: 30.1

This years new twist was Dad having a heart condition. During the find out what is wrong stage, we decided against the backpack and took the motor home out to Elkmont campground and did day hikes.

Trying to get in new trails along with positioning cars took some figuring. The above trails were what we came up with.

On the home side, Lora, Kathy, and Mom did the shopping figuring. Of course they had flawless trips and bagged some bargains.

The weather was mild for us. Clear skies day and night. Cool enough for sleeping and just a little warm for hiking according to me. There was remnants of snow at Clingman's Dome Monday. There were lots of hikers out on each of our hikes. The color was about halfway down the mountain as the leaves were already gone up high.

Our wildlife consisted of our drive up to Clingman's Dome to recover the vehicle at night. We saw one gray fox, four coyotes, and a couple of bats. The stars were a wonderful sight at the top of the mountain in the dark of the night.

We had some great together time and hiked some new trails along with some old.


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