Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tim's Ford State Park

We headed out to Tim's Ford State Park. We were told by the lady working the front desk that there was a back country site, but it was not open yet. On the way out we met the ranger and talked to him about the site. He wrote up a permit for us and said that we would be the first to use it.

We started  at the welcome center and hiked the Lost Creek Overlook Trail to the Marble Plains Trail to the Ray Branch Trail out to the campsite. According to their signs is a 8.8 mile hike to the campsite. You can shorten this hike by starting at the Marble Plains Baptist Church on Marble Plains Road and hike 6.5 miles. Basically you hike the shoreline all the way to camp.

The campsite is located on the top of the finger on the West side of Ray Branch. You can walk a short ways down to the water on the Evens Loop. We set up camp and enjoyed the evening by the campfire under the bright stars above. All night we heard the Loon, geese, and owls.

The next morning we did the Evens Loop and then hiked back to the church. We took the Marble Plains ADA trail out. After lunch we took the 4.4 out and back hike on the Spann House trail which is another nice hiking trail.


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