Saturday, August 4, 2007

Granny's 90th Birthday Party

Granny's 90th Birthday Party, Elk Lake, Saturday, August 4, 2007
We celebrated Granny's 90th birthday this year at the annual Elk Lake gathering. It served as the focus for a family reunion, the likes of which we haven't seen for many years. Family members and friends gathered from around the country to celebrate and renew acquaintances.

Miss Bay City hams it up at 90

Craig's memories
We are definitely blessed with a wonderful family. We don't all get together very often, but when we do there is guaranteed to be a great time for all. We used Granny's 90th birthday as an excuse this time. The Cabin was the location, which is by far the best resort in the world. Just counting family we had over 40 in attendance (and there were a lot of friends, in addition). As you can tell by the pictures we had lots of food, lots of games, and lots of adventures. The family started arriving on Thursday and most were gone by Monday. Saturday was the big party followed by a canoe trip on Sunday. We filled 20 canoes going down the river. There were many memories made and stories will be told for many years. Here are just some of the highlights:

•Tent city: There were at least five tents pitched across the cabin grounds, two motor homes and a booked motel.
•Dad and Mom with their garbage can dinner: You put everything in a new garbage can and bring it to a boil over the camp fire. The catch was that Dad has a tradition of his own and has thrown many a meal, only on special occasions, on the ground. Yes, he was successful again.
•The crew went missing: After some time Ardith said that Pat had been gone quite a while in their jetboat. She asked Dad and I to go find them. As we paddled out in the canoe and went around the far end of the lake, we found a couple of guys just floating around in their dead boat. Dad and I towed them back to the dock.
•Dad came down to the campfire at some early hour of the morning to tell us to turn down the radio (AGAIN). I have never seen a group of adults (maybe very drunk) all gathered in a group and whispering quite so loudly, “SHHHHH, MAYBE HE WON'T SEE US.” It was amazing to see Charlie come from a tent, dive through the air, and hit the off button in under 10 seconds. The funniest thing was a little while later when Uncle Greg snuck up to the camper and came down with a flashlight pretending to be Dad. People went diving everywhere, even trying to hide behind the folding chairs. I had one Uncle that was relieving himself by the flagpole that ran off into the woods, never stopping the stream. That was funny. Dad used the old red horn to wake up the drunks the next morning. Weren't they looking good first thing in the morning?
•Mike passed out at the campfire: He said that he had wanted to stay down there after everyone went up. He found himself still sitting all by himself the next morning. He was a little bit on the cold side.
•Uncle Rick and I got frisked at Wal-Mart: I guess that they are not used to people pushing out two carts of beer. It was enough for one night.
•Dad and Mom flipped their canoe with Granny in it. Granny ended up staying in the canoe, just getting her hair wet. Talk about a grip!
•The boiling of corn is a tradition passed down from the Brewer side. The popping of corn (in the same giant kettle) was a bit exciting for even the adults.
•Marjorie was in all of her glory “the morning after” floating in the canoe. When we passed by her she had her head down on the bow waiting for the river to quit spinning.
•Dancing on the porch: Dad was in lead taking everyone around the tables. Granny was dressed in her beauty queen outfit.
•Blowing up cans of corn in the campfire: A new sporting event.
•Five generations from Granny, Mom, Missy, Chloe, and me.
•The beanbag toss that every now and then the children were allowed to play.
•Looking: Looking for the dog, looking for the camera, and looking for granny.
Definitely a good time!

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