Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trail Maintenance

Sunday 4/10 Trail Maintenance
Nance Jo scheduled a work day for the Soddy TTA adopted trail section so after church I drove to Hotwater Road to join the work crew. I started up the trail with a rake, hand saw and clippers. A lot of this section had already been raked by the Soddy crew; last Sunday was when I saw Nance Jo raking. Walking up the trail to find the others, I got to see the wildflower show. Yellow trilliums, bluets, violets, phlox. and what I thought was really early honeysuckle. Later I was corrected by Caroline who told me that was pinkster. Alrighty then. Then I found a few fire pinks blooming by the trail.
When I caught up to the others, I had smelled the fresh dirt for a while and could see how hard they had already been working. Nance Jo, Cat, and Caroline were raking up a storm. I found a spot and got busy realizing quickly that forgettin to bring your work gloves wasn't very smart. Oh well, I did have my first aid kit so I wrapped my thumb with moleskin and kept on raking. Someone told me once that blisters build character. Hmmmm. Caroline didn't like the looks of a dead tree by the trail and started trying to push it over. As it waved back and forth the top broke loose and bopped me on the noggin. I must be hard headed cause it didn't hurt. I did pick up the broken pieces and get them off the trail. Think I'll get up ahead of Caroline and work the other way. We found a good stopping spot and Nance Jo marked our progress. Start here next time. We clipped as we hiked back toward the trailhead stopping long enough to saw a fallen tree and drag it off the trail.
When we got to the trailhead Caroline spotted a dwarf crested iris on the bank right behind the vehicles. So pretty hiding there all by its self.

I know the Soddy crew appreciates any rakers that show up to work. Come out and see the trail sometime!

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