Sunday, April 24, 2011

White Oak Sinks

I wanted to spend some time with my parents over Easter weekend. I was off Friday and Saturday to I went to the Ponderosa after work. We spent the day cleaning up brush from several trees that my parents had to have taken down. We got quite the fire going as we hauled piles of limbs over to burn. That night after a good dinner of fish from a local restaurant we had a serious game of cards, which Granny and myself won two out of three games.

The next morning we head to the mountains and did a five mile hike in and out to the White Oak Sinks. It is not on the official trail map but is off the Schoolhouse Gap trail. There is a water fall and cave in the sink area and this time of year all kinds of flowers.

After we got back we had a wonderful Easter dinner before I had to head home. Happy Easter to all of you out there.


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