Monday, August 22, 2011

Hiwassee Refuge Lake

Lora and I decided to go back to the Hiwassee Refuge and canoe the lake there. When we got to the inlet we found a dirt dam across the end of it. Off to the left side there was an access point between a metal section of the dam that you can canoe through. It is hidden through another inlet.

Once inside we had the entire lake to ourselves. It is a large lake and the wildlife is abundant. We saw all kinds of birds, including Cranes, Blue Herons, Red Wing Black birds, Crows, and all kinds of ducks. We saw numerous turtles, deer, and fish.

When we came around one corner there was a doe standing in the water next to a bush. Once she saw us coming she climbed out of the lake and headed up through the corn field. We tied off at a tree just down from where she was standing and ate lunch. Shortly after we heard a crashing sound and a buck came running out of the corn field. He walked down to within thirty yards of us and just stood there watching us while we ate. Finally he just disappeared with no sound.

We came around another point and a flock of red wing black birds came out of the tall grass. Numerous adults followed by many young. Around another bend flocks of ducks took off. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to take a water tour of.


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