Monday, September 12, 2011

Dale Hollow Lake - Big Goat Island

Lora and I decided to do a canoe camping trip at Dale Hollow Lake. We made reservations for campsite #8 Big Goat Island.

It was a beautiful day for being on the lake. We put in at Willow Grove boat ramp. The first place we paddled to was our campsite to make sure we knew where it was. They mark the campsites with an orange marker that is supposed to stand out. Basically you look for an outhouse and go with that. We found our orange marker in the middle of a bush on the beach. We checked out the beach with a little swim. After that we canoed around Big Goat Island and over to the main coast by accordion bluff.

There were alot of boats out and few operators that knew nothing about the rules of boating. We even had one ski boat do a loop around us.

We explored the coast and inlets and did a lap around Geiger Island which has campsite #13 on it. We headed back to camp after that.

We set up camp and gathered firewood. We had another couple stop by in their boat asking about the campsite. They were going to spend a few days here in a couple of weeks. After a swim, we enjoyed our dinner and then walked around the island to watch the sunset. After that we got our fire going and enjoyed watching the stars and looking at the full moon reflecting off the water.

We got up the next morning and after breakfast we headed out for a day of paddling. We went to Clark Island to check out the campsite #6 then went to Graveyard island and checked out campsite #9 and hike across the island. We had a house boat speed up so that they could pass in front of us. What is up with that? From there we went to Hendricks Creek and paddled into Kentucky. We checked out campsite #12 and were heading to #11 when we stopped for lunch.

During lunch we listened to the sound of waves and jet skis and thunder.....THUNDER? A black cloud was heading toward us. We headed towards an island and then changed coarse as the closest shoreline we could get up on was on the mainland. We got caught and our tiny ship was tossed. The only thought we had was what a lighting rod we were out in the middle of the lake in an aluminum canoe. We made it to shore and set up a tarp to watch the rain pass by and calm down the old nerves.

After the storm went by and after emptying out the canoe, we paddled back to the boat ramp. After loading up the car we took another swim. It was a great weekend on a beautiful lake. We got to see ducks, geese, woodpeckers, turtles, fish, eagles, vulchers, deer on little goat island, and got to hear a screech owl and horn owl at night.

We had to stop and get us a Sonic Blast after all that paddling.


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  1. Sorry to hear the power boaters are as dull-witted in Tennessee as in Michigan. We have to be on the lookout for them all the time! By the way, what is it with you and lightening?