Monday, February 27, 2012

Maudes Crack

Old Parch Corn Road 2.5
John Muir to overlook 6.6
John Muir back to No Business 1.3
No Business 0.1
Longfield Branch 0.7
Terry Cemetery Road 1.1
Total Miles: 12.3

Lora and I started out our hike on the Old Parch Corn Road. This is an unmarked unkept trail, which trail head is 0.6 miles from Watson Cemetery Road. As soon as you cross the downed trees look for the old road bed going off to the left. If you miss it like we did, then you will follow the other road until you loose it. Turn around and try again. Most of this old road bed is somewhat clear. You do have to leave the trail in a few spots to find your way around dead falls and briers. On this trail you will see many rock formations and rock shelters. The last part follows the Parch Corn Creek down to the Big South Fork Cumberland River. The John Litton Cabin remains are seen at the end of the trail.

We followed the John Muir trail along the Cumberland River until you go up Big Branch and made camp along the creek. It was a clear night with lots of stars. We enjoyed the peace next to the campfire.

The next morning we followed the John Muir up to Maudes Crack. It is not marked at the bottom, but if you follow the trails to the rock formation just before the trail leaves it you will find Maudes Crack. This crack was used by "Maude" as a short cut into the gorge. We climbed up the crack and took in the views from the overlook. We then climbed back down the crack and took the John Muir trail down to No Business Creek. We checked out the old remains of the community and a wild turkey. From there we took the trail to the John Muir overlook.

The John Muir overlook is a rock outcropping that looks down on the No Business Creek Gorge. On the way back down from the overlook we ate our lunch by the staircase. We did our second Old fashion foot washing crossing the No Business Creek to follow the Longfield Branch trail. The Longfield Branch trail is now a gravel upkept road that will take you back up to Terry's cemetery. Then we walked the Terry Cemetery Road back to our car.


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