Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scott's Gulf

Yellow Bluff Trail 2.2 Miles
Polly Branch Falls Trail 0.9
Jenny Branch Falls Trail 0.4
Caney Fork River Trail 3.5
Total 7 Miles

Lora was supposed to be backpacking, but it got cancelled due to weather. I was going to hike with the Plateau Chapter, but they cancelled due to weather. We decided to just go anyway and enjoy the snow.

We headed out to Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness Wildlife Management Area in Sparta. There was about an inch of snow on the ground and the temps around 25 degrees.

We parked at the Yellow Bluff Trailhead and headed North on the trail. We took some pictures from Boar Hog Gap Overlook and then headed on. The water falls were looking good. We got to see the Upper Polly Branch Falls, Jenny Branch Falls, Lower Polly Branch Falls, and Bee- Branch Falls.

We startled a few deer and got to see the Red Cardinals flying around in the snow. We stopped at Joe Holloway Rock House for a couple of pictures too.

Most of these trails are old road beds. They are very well marked at intersections and sights with metal signs. There is not a sign at the intersection of Yellow Bluff and Caney Fork pointing towards Yellow Bluff and at the end of Yellow Bluff where it turns before you hit the road, the trail fades out. I guess most people take the road back to the trailhead.


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