Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Middle Prong Trail

Middle Prong Trail 4.1
Lynn Camp Prong 3.7
Miry Ridge Trail 2.5
Panther Creek Trail 2.3
Middle Prong Trail 2.3
Total Miles: 14.9

After the Outcast hike being cut short, Lora and I did an unplanned hike to the Smokies. We headed out to Tremont for an overnight backpack. The weather was great and the wildflowers were wonderful.

There were a lot of people out on the Middle Prong Trail looking at flowers. We took Lynn Camp Prong and spent the night at campsite #28. One other couple came in later that evening. We got about ten minutes of rain and then a wonderful cool night.

The next morning we climbed up to the Miry Ridge Trail and took in some views. On the way down the Panther Creek trail we got to listen to grouse, turkey, and an owl. Lots of woodpeckers out too.

I took a fall on Panther creek just to let Lora know I still had it going on. It felt good when we got the old fashion foot washing crossing Middle Prong Little River. This is where we saw the only other person on the trail other than Middle Prong Trail.


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