Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Water Fall HikeP

I drove to Savage Gulf, Greeter Falls trailhead to meet up with Upper Cumberland TTA. It was raining when I got to the parking lot, cold rain, zipped the pant legs on, too cold for shorts. Two cars pulled up, nine hikers emerged ready to hike. Richard, Kathleen, Margaret, Pete, Louise, Gary, Mike, Cindy and Pokey Pete. The rain stopped as we started out. This park is loaded with waterfalls. It’s a short hike to Upper Greeter Falls and Lower Greeter Falls. Lots further to the last one we would see today. I tried to get pictures of them all, along with the wildflowers blooming along the way.

The Mountain Laurel was starting to show its blooms. All the early spring blooms are gone and the late spring ones are blooming now. Stonecrop, Maple leaf viburnum, Sweet Betsy Trillium, just to name a few. If you look at the pictures you will notice I didn’t label them all. (cause I don’t know what they were).

Board Tree Falls was pretty. We hiked into the Gulf. The Sinks didn’t have any water but Ranger Falls was flowing great. There were pretty purple blooms all over the rocks leading to the falls, not sure what the tree is. The Ranger we met on the trail thought it was a Princess Tree. I looked at images online later and found that it is invasive. Pretty blooms though.

We hiked the Connector trail to the junction with Collins Gulf and took a spur trail to Schwoon Spring which is really cool to see coming out of the cave.

Then on to Horsepound Falls and then Suter Falls coming off the trail at Collins West trailhead. 14 miles today.

We stopped at Mary’s in Coalmont for supper. I think they were a little surprised by all of us coming in at once. They didn’t mind our muddy boots and the food was good. Stop in for the sweet tea. It’s good.

No cell service in the area so if you need to call someone to tell them you’re going to be late, you have to get back on Hwy 111 to get service for Verizon. Sorry to worry you Mom and Craig. Great hike, now home for shower and sleep….zzzzzzzz


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