Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cedar Glade Natural Area

Nora Beck from Nashville TTA led a hike today at Flat Rock State Natural Area. I came to the Boro to see Craig at the Fire Department and to hike with Nora.

There were nine hikers ready to explore.

We were hoping to find the Pyne's Ground Plum which only grows in Rutherford County in Tennessee. It's rare. We didn't find any blooming but we think we may have found the plant. We saw white Trout Lilys which I had never seen before, Tennessee Glade Cress, Rue Anemone, Nashville Breadroot and a few other plants. There are some sinkholes, and a small pond filled by a small spring. Nora had a little jar and filled it from the pond so Natalie could observe all the small creatures with a hand lens. And of course Cedars everywhere. This is a really pretty place to visit and I want to come back to see the Ground Plum blooming or maybe when it bears fruit.


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