Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wheeler Farm, Crusher Hole, Lost Creek Cave and Falls

We decided to go hike the Wheeler Farm loop at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  It is a two mile loop trail on a farm that Lora's ancestors actually owned at one time.  It now belongs to the State Park and is accessed off of Hwy 30.  There is a parking area next to a gate which is closed.  The loop starts on the left and the farm is down the road on the right.  The trail descends into the valley with sites to be seen.

When you get to the first sign which says Wheeler Farm Loop telling you to go left, take the trail to the right about 50 yards and you will see Medley's Arch.  It stands at 90' and spans 30'.  There is a small trail off to the right that takes you up to the top of the arch which is not very wide.

Head back to the trail and follow a creek bed down to the fields below which is the farm.  The trail goes through the field and past an old out building to the Wheeler Falls.  We ate lunch here enjoying the falls and flowers.

We went down from the falls and headed back East toward to old home site where a chimney still stands.  You can see the walkway and front porch.  Then we walked back to the falls and followed the road up to the parking area.

From here we drove on to the "Crusher Hole".  Go down Hwy 30 to Hwy 285 at the bottom of the valley and turn right.  Just before the bridge over Cane Creek turn right onto Owl Hole road.  You have to cross a creek on the way in as drive through the creek.  This is where the old crusher was and there are wild flowers all through this area.  We met up with Anthony, Lora's cousin, who was giving a wildflower photographer class.  This led us onto our next adventure.

Anthony took us to Lost Creek Falls and Lost Creek Cave.  You continue up Hwy 285 and turn right onto Hickory Valley road.  Take it to the dead end and turn right onto Big Bottom road or White's Cave road.  Follow it out 4.4 miles and you will see the cave entrance and falls off to your left.  I guess it was called White's Cave at one time too?

Lost Creek Falls is a 60' water fall.  If you go into the cave there is another waterfall inside the cave, but it is back a piece.  My biggest surprise was Lora walking off into a cave.  The last time I tried to take her in a cave she stopped where the sun did and she was done.  The falls inside was running strong.  Very beautiful!


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