Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sale Creek Canoe Trip Saturday

Lora and I headed back to Sale Creek for some more exploring.  We put in at Patterson Road Cemetery boat ramp again and this time headed East towards the river.  Just past the rock bluff wall on the North side of the river we found a natural arch on the side of the creek.  Just before we got to the first lake we got to watch a family of three raccoon and the mother come down for a drink.  When we got to the lake we circled it clockwise.  Here on the North side we found a sunk house boat just off shore and then we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we headed towards the bridge on May Road.  We had a Crane fly out right above us from a tree which got the old pacemaker working.  Right before we went under the bridge we saw another raccoon walking along the side of the lake and road.  Just on the other side of the bridge is another sunk house boat.  We stopped by Sale Creek Recreation Area and did some swimming in their swimming area.  From there we continued around this lake in a clockwise fashion before heading back to the ramp circling the opposite sides of the lakes.  We got to see lots of turtles, Trumpet vines, and all sorts of birds including Hawks, Osprey, Green Herons, Cranes, and Blue Herons.  Our trip calculated out at 7.3 miles.


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