Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sale Creek on Sunday

Even with the scattered showers and storms we headed to the lake after church.  This time we put in at the boat ramp off Lee Pike across from the Sale Creek Marina.

We headed down the West side and went West up stream to where we left off yesterday and then circled to the North side and followed the shoreline East towards the river.  We found a nesting pair of Osprey which they let us know they were guarding young ones.  We stopped at the inlet next to Oakdale road for lunch and listened to quite a commotion going on up in the trees.  After a short swim we headed around the corner and found the noise was coming from three Cranes in a tree that held three different nests.  They were still arguing.  We didn't know what about, but we knew who was wrong.  That would be the male bird.

From there we headed into the river and went North to the first inlet.  We did a little swimming there and then headed South past Sale Creek to view a few homes on the shore.  We then turned back North and entered back up Sale Creek.  We followed the shoreline around back to the boat ramp.  We did go under the bridge on Lee Pike, but not very far as the creek was blocked by trees.

Just before we got to the ramp we saw an Otter swimming back towards us and then went down the shoreline.

Our trip calculated out at 4.6 miles.


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  1. Awesome write up with beautiful picture.