Monday, August 19, 2013

Tennessee River Canoe Trip

Lora and I did 7.7 miles on the Tennessee River after church.  We put in at the boat ramp on Armstrong road and paddled out to the main river.  We went South and canoed the first three sloughs on the West side of the river around the Green Pond Road area and Stonesage Road area.  It was a good day for canoeing with the water calm and hardly anyone on the river because of the rain chance.  We did get in one downpour which we got under a mans boat house for cover so it worked out well.  Birds, turtles, and fish were our wildlife.

When we got out of the water at the boat ramp the excitement began.   After we got off the lake and were securing the canoe, a red Dodge full size pickup came speeding into the boat ramp parking area and did a doughnut right next to us in the gravel.  We watched as he decided to do another doughnut while thinking great now what?  Well he sat in his truck a while and opened his rear window to look at us.  Lora got in the car as I finished up the rope work.  The man got out of his truck, walked to the back and peed while leaning against his truck.  He was saying something that I could not make out.  I'm thinking I need to call the law and I have nothing to defend myself with at this time as I am standing at the trailer in just a swim suit.  I finish with the ropes while keeping an eye on this guy.  I get in the car and tell Lora to go while I get my phone out.  

Well, we pull out on the road and head across the bridge and look back to see him swaying back across the road and turning our way.  We stop at the stop sign and see that he is picking up speed so we turn right onto Hixson Pike and got going.  The man turns and  follows us awhile swerving across both lanes.  He keeps picking up speed and there is no where to turn off or pull over.  Finally he rams us then backs off and there is a road to our right and we take it.  While we are turning he tries to ram us again, but pulls over in the passing lane heading straight into two oncoming cars.  We get over, the other cars swerve out of the way.  We stop and I get out while dialing 911.  The man turns left into a driveway and stops.  He backs up onto Hixson Pike and heads back our way.  I am talking to the dispatcher as he continues back up towards the bridge.

The cops stop by long enough to let us know he has hit three other cars and take off looking for him.  We saw four other cops speed by.  When the cops came back they told us that they were still trying to find him, but he did hit three others.  While we were filling out paperwork they said that they think they had him.

We did not get hurt and the canoe got buckled up a little. 


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