Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hendricks Creek - Dale Hollow

We went to Hendricks Creek Marina to start our overnight adventure.  We fell for the whole Resort thing and planned on eating lunch at the Marina.  No grill there, so we went back to the border for a hamburger at the Border Grill which is a gas station on Hwy 62 on the Kentucky side of the border.

After getting our food we headed back to Hendrick's Creek Marina.  You have to store your trailer on top of the hill and park your car at the bottom.  Never had to split the rig up before, so it took a little while to actually get on the water.

We made it to the first inlet before we ate our lunch.  From there we canoed all the inlets on the West side down to the main lake and then paddled West to Natty Branch and explored all of that river.  Then we headed back across Hendrick's Creek and further East to campsite #12, Anderson Point.  We put in 7.5 miles and crossed the border four times.

When we got to the campsite there was a houseboat just West of the camp and around to the East about five houseboats.  We thought it might be a noisy night, but we never heard anything from any of them.  After we set up camp and ate, we took a walk around the cove and out to the next point to the West for a view of the sunset.

We sat on a tree that was down while we waited on the sun to set.  After a little while a pontoon boat went by really slowly while checking us out.  A little while later she came back by and stopped.  She wanted to know if we were staying here and we told her where we were staying.  Her husband was behind her in a house boat and they wanted the spot.  So we met Mike and Terri.  After a visit and pics of the sunset, we headed back to camp.  We got a fire going and later went down to the water and laid on towels looking up at the wonderful star display.  Got to see some meteors and some satellites as well.  Some time in the night we heard owls talking to each other.

After breakfast the next morning we packed up camp and went exploring again.  This time we went East and explored all of Pusley Creek.  We got to see a few deer, a barred owl, and several other birds.  There is quite a selection of water craft out on the lake as well.  We stopped by to visit with Mike and Terri on the way back to Hendrick's Marina.  We got in 9.8 miles and crossed the border five times.


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