Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hiwassee River - Flag Pond Slough

Lora and I have been busy with lots of stuff going on.  We did get out and do a short wildflower hike a couple of weeks ago and got the canoe out for the first time last weekend for a couple of hours.  We had a week of Grandbabies which was sweet.  We got spring planting done as well.

Well, we got a day off with beautiful weather so we loaded up the canoe and headed out.  We went to the Hiwassee river and put in at the boat ramp on Hwy 58.

As I back the trailer down the boat ramp, there was an elderly man walking down the ramp.  When I got out and spoke to him, he asked if there was a charge for water.  I told him no that the water is free.  He was carrying a kerosene tank with him.  Well, I started unfastening the canoe and a man coming down the boat dock said "hold on, I am coming"  I looked over and the old man was bent down trying to fill his container. The water at the end of the ramp was too shallow to put his container in and the man could not get back up once he had squatted down.  I was tore up for not watching this man or paying attention to him.  The other guy got him back up and I filled his container off the back of my trailer then took it back up to the parking area where the old mans van was parked.  I had driven around it on the way in and never put the two together.  His van had overheated.  Well we got his van filled back up with water and started for him and sent him off with a prayer.  I am so glad he did not fall in the water while I was not watching.

I joined back up with Lora, who had spent this time visiting with the other guys wife on the dock.  We pushed off and followed the coast line East.  We got to see lots of deer, water fowl, fish, and turtles.  We went as far as Flag Pond Slough which is under the bridge on Hwy 306.  We had lunch on the point before Flag Pond.  Then we paddled out and followed the island side back to the ramp which is about 7 miles. Another beautiful day on the lake.

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