Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sequatchie River / Hiwassee River - Agency Creek

Lora and I headed out to canoe the Sequatchie River.  We went to Hwy 30 and searched for the boat ramp. There is no sign and the road is just before the bridge on the Southeast side.  They do have a gravel parking area under the bridge and a good ramp.  Unfortunately, we found out that the river is blocked by many large downed trees.  We headed North first and then tried South, getting blocked in either direction.  We loaded back up and then headed to the Hiwassee River.  We had not explored the Agency Creek area so we picked that area.

There is a private boat ramp / marina just North of the first campground on the North side of the Hwy 58 bridge.  It cost you $3 to use the ramp.  We did a clockwise loop from here covering the whole creek area about 4.25 miles.


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