Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dell Hollow Dam

Lora and I joined Mom and Dad on a campout at Dale Hollow Dam campground.  We got there in time to do some visiting before lunch.  After lunch we walked along the Obey river up to the dam. This was the first time I have ever camped under a dam.  After our walk we got the canoes and were going to float on the Obey river.  We backed down the ramp, Dad got out and Dad disappeared. We found him as usual laying on the ground.  The ramp was a little slippery.  After we got the canoes unstrapped, we hear the warning horns from the dam.  We pulled the car up the ramp to see what the river would do. It rose and it rose and it rose.  I had no idea it would raise about ten feet.  It was even over the fishing dock. If we would have been out on the canoes, we would have to have gotten out down town and got a ride back.  So plan B.  It started raining so we went back to the camper.  It quit later and after dinner we went for another walk.

Later we desided to have a campfire.  We drove up to the office to find out where to get the wood. Dad walked up to the office.  The guy inside closed the door and shut the blinds right there in front of him.  Pretty rude he was.  We had passed some fire wood for sale on the way in so we just drove there and got some. Then we went to the lake to look at the boat ramps there.

The next morning we desided to go to the lake for a canoe trip.  It was safer.  So we put in at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Area.  It is a nice ramp and they have a walking trail that goes around the island and across a suspention bridge.
We paddled for a couple of hours going down Kyle Branch and put in four miles.  On the way back to the ramp it started raining lightly and then quit again.  We headed back to the campground and had lunch then it was time to go.

Another great campout and visit.


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