Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TTA Rock Creek 2014

After a late night at work, I got up early to hike with my chapter close to home. We met at the Lower Leggett Road trailhead, dropped cars and drove to the Upper Leggett Rd trailhead to start. 14 hikers and one hiking dog. I was carrying my full backpack, training for backpacking season. We got started trying to out hike the heat. It didn't work. It was sticky hot. We had to check out the overlook so we could climb back up. 

Most of us were only hiking 3 miles today but 3 of the guys wanted more so they did the loop back to the upper trailhead. And still beat us to the cars. Most everyone headed out to eat lunch; I headed home for a nap.

Good to see my hiking friends and meet some new ones too. 


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