Sunday, February 14, 2016

CT - Soddy Creek

Day One: 12.2 Miles
Mowbray Pike to Board Camp Creek

Day Two: 4.8
Board Camp Creek to Heiss Mountain Road

Total Miles: 17

Lora and I headed to the Cumberland trail to backpack the Soddy Creek Gorge.  We started on Mowbray Pike trailhead and hiked to Hwy 111. We have not hiked this section since 2013.

It was a beautiful day and me met a few people out on the trail after we got past the Hot Water trailhead. We checked out the two new bridges over Deep Creek and Soddy Creek. It was a challenge going over Deep Creek as a tree was laid up the side of the bridge. Lora crawled on her belly under the tree, but I had to take my pack off and hand it to her.

When we went through the cliff wall section along Board Camp Creek the trail was covered with ice to help us out with our challenge.  A couple of miles further we found a flat area to set up camp for the night.  We enjoyed a night around the campfire.

The next morning we headed out and met one guy that Lora had hiked with before.  It was a good hike with my best hiking partner.


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