Saturday, February 6, 2016

TTA Roaring Creek

Today’s hike was on the Cumberland Trail at Roaring Creek. 8 hikers with John as our hike leader. We started out at a fast pace, trying to get warm. Or maybe because everyone else’s legs were longer. The first water crossing slowed us down then the climb up the ridge warmed us up. We had beautiful views from the overlooks into the valley below, and Cranmore Cove. At that overlook you can see both Sequoia and Watts Bar’s towers (how safe do you feel now?) We left three of our hikers here to have their lunch. 

We continued on to Galbraith Creek and had lunch there, studying on how deep and slick the water crossing  would be. Nobody wanted to wade, so after we ate we headed back to the trailhead. No critters today other than buzzards. No goat, no wildflowers. Good company and a beautiful day to hike.

This was scheduled to be a long and difficult 12.6 miles.  However, due to high water at Gilbreath Creek, the hike was shortened to 9.2 miles.  The weather was good.  It started out quite cold in the 20s but eventually warmed up to about 50.  The roar from the high water made the name Roaring Creek appropriate.  The hikers from today's hike were Gloria, Don, Lora, Pat, S. Cutter, Mark, Pete and John.


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