Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Creek Trail- Smoky Mountains

Plateau and East TN TTA had a joint hike in the Smokies. I met Cheryl and crew in Crossville, and we met everyone else in Knoxville. 20 hikers ready for the trail! The Big Creek Trail was originally built by the CCC as a motorway. The camping area at Big Creek was the site of a logging mill. I was carrying my backpack fully loaded today. Just for fun! hmmmm. I did bring my camera from home; it's in my car in Crossville.... the pictures are links to Cheryl and Pat's.

It's a beautiful creek walk along this trail. The Rock House is supposed to be visible from the trail but I didn't see it? But I did see Mouse Creek Falls...pretty. There are a lot of big boulders in the creek and pools to splash in.

I did manage to spot a snake on this trail. A real pretty rattlesnake all coiled up. I managed to get real clooooossssssssse before I saw it. No screaming, just jumped about 5 feet.

We stopped for lunch along the creek. Then hiked to the junction of Swallow Fork Trail. A few of us hiked .2 miles further to the junction with Low Gap Trail.  Lower Walnut Bottoms Campsite 37 is located here; it has several campsites in this pretty area.

It was a pretty hike. Always good to be in the mountains.  


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