Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noel Island- Dale Hollow Lake

Lora and I headed out for the weekend.  The weather is finally getting back to where one can sleep in a tent.  Wanting to stay cool we headed back to Dale Hollow Lake.  We launched out from Lillydale recreation area.  We paddled around Phillip's Island and along the shore line on the far side.  Finally we paddled to Noel island and set up camp.  We got some beach time in.  After dinner we hiked around our island and then paddled back to Phillip's Island and hiked some more.  We paddled back and enjoyed the evening around the campfire.  We watched meteorites on through the night.

That night we found that Noel is very popular with the fishermen as we got to hear them talk all night as each group pulled up along  side the bluff we were camping at.

The next morning we went back to car and dropped off camping items.  Then we took the shore line back down to County Line Island.  We circled the island then spent the afternoon at the campsite on it.  Later that afternoon we headed back.

Dale Hollow is a very clear and pretty lake.  No houses on the shore.  You can get camping information at their site Dale Hollow.


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