Friday, August 24, 2012

Gunstocker Creek- Hiwassee River

Lora got off work early so I picked her up with the canoe in tow.  Trying to get to the Hiwassee river we finally found a place to put in on Gunstocker Creek.  There is a launch site on the West side of the bridge on Blythe Ferry Road.  This is a really good area for canoes or kayaks.  The water is shallow so no boats or jet ski's. 

There is a little parking area and a short launch site for boats.  We put in and then went under the bridge first and explored all of that area.  Lots of wildlife and an old rock wall that is partway under water.  We went as far as we could up river until the tree fall stopped us.  There is beaver sign everywhere.  After that area we headed out toward the main channel.  There is a campsite at the point off the end of Woods Road.  We stopped and ate dinner there. 

There are some houses right before you get to the main channel on the East side next to hwy 58.  Quite a variety of houses and boat docks.  This is where we found the redneck paddle boat.  We paddled around the islands by hwy 58 and then paddled across to the West side and followed it back to the car. 

Great place for paddling.


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