Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gilbert Gaul / Link Trail at Fall Creek Falls

Link Trail 3.2
Gilbert Gaul Trail 4.1
Link Trail 3.2
Total Miles: 10.5

Lora and I headed out to Fall Creek Falls to do some trails that we have not done. We started at the Link Trail where it crosses Village Camp Road just inside the South end of the park.

Halfway between Little Fall Creek and Fall Creek Falls lake is Old Corner campsite, a small campsite without water.  It does have an outhouse.

When we got to the lake we found the lake frozen over. There are numerous creek crossings done by rock hopping, but the bridge is out over Fall Creek and they are building a new bridge. So, we had to do an old fashion foot washing in the snow. I was planning on getting a picture of Lora in the creek, but I got caught in a briar while trying to get out of the creek and she was about climbing my back to get out of the creek.

We thawed out as we continued hiking to the Gilbert Gaul trail.  We took it clockwise to the trailhead and then back to the lake. We kicked up a Red tail hawk and pushed him along the lake while we hiked.

The Frazier Rain Shelter looks like an old shelter that has been slowly destroyed over time. There is still a roof and short walls with a bench.

One more time across Fall Creek and then back to the car. On the way out we heard a Great Horned owl calling out.

After hiking we had to take a ride over to the Fall Creek Falls overlook just because we were here.

We got to see deer, a hawk, and hear an owl and the soft whining of Lora as she crossed the creek.


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