Saturday, February 14, 2015

TTA Fall Creek Falls

TTA Fall Creek Falls.
I met up with the Highland Rim folks at the park. When I arrived, there was a group of people gathered at the Nature Center with Ranger Matt, so I had to see what was going on. He had a work day project to carry lumber to the Lower loop trail to a swampy section that needs a bridge or walkway. It was good to see so many young people volunteering.

 Joan had scheduled a day full of seeing as many attractions as we could see before dark. We started out at the big falls and hiking down to the base of. The temps were still chilly but we warmed up even going down. The base of the falls were covered with ice; so pretty. Lots of folks coming and going on this trail. When we got back to the top we hiked the trail along the gorge to the Nature Center. We stopped at the Rocky Point overlook for lunch, but the wind was whipping and we went back to the top to finish lunch. At the suspension bridge lots of folks were in line to go across. One lady had a monkey, even it was wearing a coat. The dogs in the park were totally confused by the strange looking "dog" and took a wide path around. Getting back across the bridge took awhile standing in line. We hiked back to the big falls and then took a drive around the gorge to all the overlooks. We had to check them all out, Millikan's and Buzzard Point are awesome. Then on to Piney Falls, my favorite. 

It was a beautiful day to visit the park, and nice folks to hike with.  


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