Friday, February 27, 2015

Jones Gap Rd - Soddy

Lora and I headed out to hike the new area in Soddy, Jones Gap Road. The have put in a new large parking area just on the other side of the train tracks.

The first part is gravel road going all the way to Board Camp Creek. There are numerous swimming holes through here, a water fall, and a log cabin. We got to see the icicles as well.

When we got to Board Camp Creek we did an old fashioned foot washing to get across. The trail follows a old roadbed along Soddy Creek and soon you pass an old Chimney for a steam plant from days gone by. The roadbed dead ends on Soddy Creek at a campsite set up with tables and all.

We turned around here and headed back to Board Camp Creek. We then followed the old roadbed along Board Camp Creek. Past an old gate in the first switchback there is a waterfall just off the trail. We continued up the mountain passing bluff walls and views to where we found some rock walls. With some exploring off trail we found an old mine shaft. Fifty feet in the shaft split going two different ways. We walked around and found another mine shaft in the same area.

After our find, we headed back down the mountain.  Another old fashion foot washing and on the way out we passed two older gentlemen that told us some history of the area. We checked out the cabin on the way out.

We celebrated a good hiking day with ice cream from Kay's Kastle,


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