Friday, February 6, 2015

Piney Falls SNA / Soak Creek SNA

Piney Falls 2.0 miles
Soak Creek roadbed 6.8 miles

Lora and I went to Piney Falls SNA off Firetower Road on Grandview Mountain. They have a kiosk, but nothing on it.  Luckily, we printed a map off from the computer.

We followed the trail to a split at a campsite.  We went left following the signs for the bottom of Upper Piney Falls.  The trail split again for a trail to the 40' Lower Piney falls.  We went to check it out and then came back up. Pretty Falls.

We continued the trail around to the bottom of the 80' Upper Piney falls. The falls were covered with ice so we could not follow the trail behind the falls.  We found a way back up to the top and then crossed the creek and followed the trail along the top of the falls to a rope trail going to the bottom. A view from the other side.

Next on the agenda was Soak Creek off of Shut In Gap road.  After you cross the bridge over Piney Creek there is a parking area on the right side.  There is an old road bed that follows Soak Creek.  It does not got all the way to Stinging Fork Falls, but it is close.  We figured 3.4 miles. Lots of bluff walls and areas for setting up tents.


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